July 7, 2009

First things first

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In short: I am unemployed.

What the above statement might mean or consequise (I just made up that word I think but let’m ( = let me) check it out…nope, there is no such word as consequise!) i will let the reader decide.

First thought so far is: if we would not be intrested in design, google docs would be eminent to use for blogging. Just log in to and write what you want without having anything else disturbing your vision while writing. When you are done you just publish it.

But now we are interested in design, or at least we think we are, so we will have to do with something less functional, ie typing in a box smaller then necessary.

Second thing could be: I have not used before so I hope that this window that you write in…oh now I see, it is a QuickPress window. So, this should mean that there should be a link somewhere to a more functional window!.? I will have to investigate that once I am done with this.

Third: I was thinking before I started to write this new blog. Sometimes that is a good thing.

Fourth: The easiest way to write is the most difficult stage to attain. I am talking about writing what you think. It is difficult to attain the stage of just writing what you think because you are both criticising and sensoring yourself constantly. That is not really why it is difficult, i more or less listed what happened when you write. No, the difficult thing is to overcome the criticising and the sensoring. But! Whenever you have come past the critical point bewtween criticising and sensoring yourself, you no longer do it and it becomes frictionless to write what you think.
The reason for why this phenomena exist is probably because we always have an audience, or more correct: a thought audience. In reality the audience can be close to zero but the self indulged criticising and sensoring is still there.

Fifth: I also thought if there has to be a theme in a blog? Of course there does not has to be a theme!

Sixth: I am unemployed so I might write what I do and think. If I was you I would read this blog all the time. If you think of it it makes a lot of sense. I am quite unique, or at least belonging to a minority. Most people work and have predestined paths/tasks to follow during their days but I don’t. I need to find my own paths/tasks. Because if you for one second thought that I fill my days with applying for jobs I beg you to think again. No, I am not getting any money from any government and I certainly am not rich. How I make money? That is a secret.

I wish I just for once could travel to Balmora.

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