July 17, 2009

The End of Fall

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I completed Fallout 3 yesterday but I immediately felt that I wanted to play more. I dreamt about it last night and was kind of halucinating. In any case I kind of made up a new character build while dreaming which I tested today. It didn’t take long before I met trouble. I wanted to create a character that relies on Hand to Hand combat and the Speach skill and the Sneak skill of course but I dont see how you can play that kind of game without sneaking. After all Fallout 3 is built on the Oblivion engine and sneaking works exactly the same, which is good I think. I almost directly came into trouble because you dont deal that much damage in hand to hand combat in the beginning without the correct gear and your sneak skill is not high enough.

The first character I played with was skilled in small weapons, sneaking and lock picking first of all and then secondary in repair and science. Those are fun skills to play with  but I must say that the game kind of immediately became different by investing points in the speach skill. It gave me other options for completing quests that I did not see the first time around. I will try again to finish off the raiders with my bare hands but I think it will take some drugs to do it.

Anyway, I thought of making this into a pure gaming blog and make a real project out of Seventh which is a gaming idea I have had for a long time now. If you want to see how a round of Seventh works then have a look at the next post. There you can read the adventure that I created for my friend who played the character Sedran.


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