July 20, 2009

Join me!

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I am going to start a community project out of a game I want to make. I have already started and come a long way so far but I need help and inspiration from others to go further. The game is for the moment called Seventh and is a pen and paper roll playing game but where it ends up is not determined and does not really matter. So far I have played different versions of the game with my little twin brothers and with friends. But I believe that the current version of the game goes in the direction I want to go.

So what do I intend to get you involved? Well, I am basically a none working person when I work on my own and that is not out of lasiness but out of a more fundamental cause. So far this game has only been developed while playing it. I have never worked on it while not playing. And this is the fundamental cause of it all. Play or Playing is the key to productivity for me and that might be ironic as I want to make games but I assure everyone that it is fully possible to develop the game while playing it. So I would most of all that more than me are playing this game. Play with your friend or friends and if you think that you have a good idea for a change or a new feature then add it! I want to be the executive producer of the game but as long you can motivate what you change I consider the change to be in effect.

So what are the basics of the game? The basics are the same as any other RPG. Roll playing games are mainly about to see through the eyes of the character you play so that the decisions are not necessarrily from your personal point of view but from the character you play. You do not brake any rules of course if the decisions are plainly from your point of view but sometimes it gets unexpectedly fun and the story can take unexpected turns when you really play through the eyes of the character you play. What more, elements like fighting, magic, thieving and conversation are in the game as well as the famous Dice. Anyone who is familiar with D&D will think it is very similar. That is because it is very similar and I personally think that D&D are the best rules for roll playing games known to me. The reason I do not want to start playing D&D is because I want to create a game and there are some many things I want to do different. To play and create are the most important and maybe the only things that I see as important with this. Mainly because it is so extremely fun and it is in no way forcing. And I encourage both social and antisocial behaviour because the absolutely most important thing with this project for me is that it is fun for me and likewise should the most important thing for you be that is fun for you. If you think that being social is fun for you then so be it.

Further more, I would like to tell you now that the game is very free. The most extensive session I have played was with my friend Anders and we played one adventure for about a month during working hours. A link to this story and adventyre will come in the end of this post. I first of all made up a title of the story which in this case was: The Ghoul. I then placed the player, Anders, in a village or more precisely he woke up in a village with an unknown name. At this point neither he nor me new about the world where the story took place. It was then up to Anders to tell me what he wanted to do and so things was created. He landed in the market district in the village and just like that a market district and a sausage vendor was invented. Because I was the Game Master I would have to try to talk as the sausage vendor should talk. In this case the sausage vendor described to Anders what the Quest was about: A Ghoul had kidnapped two young girls and ran into a cave in the hills near the village. The Ghoul had run past the Rounded Tavern and so a Tavern was invented and as soon Anders walked in to that tavern new paople was invented and new conversations took place. And so it continued through the entire adventure. Anders was basically free to say and do whatever he wanted and by giving him that freedom I also got tons of new ideas for developing the game and did so while playing.

Ok, that will be it for now. I will now take the courage to send out an email about this blog to my gaming friends and give you the links to the game.

Link to the actual adventure:
Rules, Classes, Skills etc:
Spell Book:


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  1. This involves reading and understanding a lot of stuff, I guess thats what keeps people from playing. Thats what makes movies and computergames so populair, as those medias let you lean back and chill, then the rest will just happen to you.

    Profound boredom comes from being unable to hold concentration and keep digging against the stream that constantly threatens to pull you back to the soft chair or the porn website.

    The boredom manifests itself as a black cloud of anxiety or stress, which in reality is a feeling of not having touched on anything that has any lasting relevance. Which leaves you floating aimless, irrelevant and on the brink of in-existance.

    Cudos, this is a grand project, I hope you will not be all alone developing it.

    Comment by The Black Cloud — November 3, 2009 @ 11:42 | Reply

    • I am greatful for that comment, so thanks. Anyone who has ideas about anything are welcome to share them and I have noticed that a player can be as much a developer as a “developer”

      Comment by anteolsson — November 3, 2009 @ 12:35 | Reply

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