August 18, 2009

Logic For Game Rules

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I have been discussing the matter of game rules with myself and have discovered quite som interesting stuff. I will write a summary of them here but I will also post links to the whole discussion in the end.

The Combat System.
The chance to hit your target is determined by your experience with the weapon you are using. The Strength and Agility will also add a little bonus.

The way damage is calculated is Base Damage + Weapon Damage + Strength/2 when fighting with melee weapons but there is a limit to how much Strength you can utilize for any particular weapon.

Melee Weapon Damage is determined by the Weight, Size and Sharpness of the weapon. For Blunt weapons Sharpness is substituted by the grade of Bluntness, the less blunt the more damage. The Weight and Size determines what size of the die is used for Weapon Damage. There are 6 different sizes: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20. The Sharpness determines how many of that die is used. There are 5 different grades of sharpness. So, the weapon with lowest damage does 1d4 in damage and the weapon with the highest damage does 5d20 in damage.

Ranged Weapon Damage is two fold. One damage for the bow and another damage for the arrow being used. The bow damage is determined by: The Quality of the bow and the Bow String determines what size of the die it uses. This has 6 grades: d4-d20(just like above). 
The arrows is determined by 1.The Weight of the arrow. This determines what size of the die that is being used which has 5 grades where the smallest die is d4 and the highest is d12. 2. The Sharpness of the Arrow Head. This determines how many of that die you are using. The smallest damage being 1d4 and the highest being 5d12.

To read the full monolog about the Combat system, have a read here:

Origin of Magic
Magic can be understood, controlled and used. There is physical Magic and there is also a dimension called Magic or the Magic Plane. Physical Magic is the Fifth Element (The first four: earth, water, wind and fire). The Magic Plane is the Fifth Dimension (The first four: forward-backward, right-left, up-down and time).

The Fifth dimension works like a Control Plane for the first four planes. The Fifth Elements works like a control element for the first four element. The fifth element is the same as what the Plasma state is, where the smallest parts of the atoms roam free. This state of matter can be turned into any of the other four elements where Fire is the easiest one to convert Magic.

You can also create True Magic but then you need to have access to the Sixth Dimension. You get access to the different planes via your Remote Sense.

Magic in its use
Magic is used via spells. Either by spells you have created yourself or that you have learnt from other sources.

To read the full monolg about the Origin of Magic, follow this link:

If you want to read about all the different dimensions that exists in Seventh, you can find that here

I hope you enyojed the reading.




  1. Heya there,

    Jog have been trainings a lots, and making muscles makes you stiff and heavy. Maybe this should be balanced in game rules. High strength puts restrictions to dex, or at least requires even more training. Cause thats the diff between top athletes and youre avarage iron bending Joe – that they combine desxterity, agility, flexibility and speed with their bulldogstregth.

    And just a shoutout to my homeboy nigger that goes by the name Little Nasty.

    – Im outta here

    Comment by Big Dude — November 3, 2009 @ 11:57 | Reply

    • I think you are correct in what you are saying and I have yet to find some way to put that in a format that works as rules. The relationship between Strength and Agility could be Balance for example. But then does it matter if your are stronger than you are agile or vise versa? I don’t know.
      Thanks for your comment!

      Comment by anteolsson — November 3, 2009 @ 12:43 | Reply

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