October 24, 2009

Weapon damage update

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I have thought about how to calculate weapon damage back and forth for a while now. Today I was reminded that the Strength affects the speed of the swing with a melee weapon. Therefore ones Strength should increase the amount of dice you roll for the Damage Roll. So, now for every 10 levels of Strength you have you will roll an extra Die for damage. You will also add your strength value to the Damage Roll as a modifier. An example.

I have 10 Strength and I wield a longsword. The base damage is always 1d6 (no matter if you wield a weapon or not). The weapon damage for the long sword is 1d8. This adds up to:

2*Base Damage Dice+ 2*Weapon Damage Dice + Strength = 2d6 +2d8 + 10 = 14 – 38 Physical Damage

It is 2* both Base Damage and Weapon Damage because my Strength is at 10. If my Strength was 20 then the calculation would look like this:

3*Base Damage Dice+ 3*Weapon Damage Dice + Strength = 3d6 + 3d8 + 20 = 26 – 62 Physical Damage

There is also another factor that will increase the amount of Base Damage Dice and Weapon Damage Dice you Roll, and that factor is the sharpness of the Weapon. Sharpness Factor 0 is the lowest and you can not Roll any extra Dice for Damage. Sharpness Factor 1 will allow you to roll one extra Damage Die for both Base Damage and Weapon Damage. So the complete formula for calculating Damage is:

[Strength/10]d[BaseDamage] + [Strength/10]d[Weapon Damage] + [SharpnessFactor]d[BaseDamage] + [SharpnessFactor]d[WeaponDamage].

You could also sum upp all the multiples of Strength and Sharpness Factor before you calculate, so it looks like this:

Multiple = Strength/10 + SharpnessFactor. This in turn then gives the following formula:

[Multiple]d[BaseDamage] + [Multiple]d[WeaponDamage] + Strength.

Isn’t that wonderful?


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