November 4, 2009

What is Seventh

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For anyone new who reads this and might be interested in games, I thought it might be good to sketch and outline of what Seventh, this game project, is about. So I will try to do my best here:

What type of game is Seventh?
Seventh is a Role Playing Game, often abreviated RPG. It is a role playing game in all senses because you are meant to play the character as that character see the world and not how you in real life see the world. You can see it as you are interpreting the characther you are playing.
The game is set in an imaginary world which sole purpose is to expand and embody the imaginations we all have. It is a fantasy world with magic, swords and bows.

Why can’t I just be myself when playing?
There is nothing that says that you cannot be yourself but you are missing out on some very important things. First, the whole idea of taking the role of someone else, be it a hero, villain, commoner or gay wizard, is aiming at identity freedom. In real life we have an identity that is imposed on us either or both by ourselves or our environment. This can sometimes limit the way we act, think, speak and so on and it can trap you in certain patterns. Role Playing enables you to step outside yourself to act, think, speak however you want and noone will ever tell you that it is wrong or bad. This is a freedom and it can be a lot of fun.

How do I play a game?
All you need is one person who leads the game and at least one person who plays the game. The one who is leading the game is the narrator and the referee of the game. That person makes up stories, events and situations where the playing person tries to react to that. As a game leader you do not have to make up a whole novel to make it playable. It is enough to start with a premise such as: “The sun is on its way down and you are standing in the middle of a forest in which you have never been before. There is a tiny furry animal on the ground in front of you that seems to stare at you with its seemingly worried eyes. What do you do?” After that you make it up as you go along.
The person who takes the playing role needs to make up a character and you can do that by following the Character Creation Guide that is posted somewhere on this blog.
When you have decided who wants to be the game leader and who wants to play you just need a way to communicate everything. I have found that Google docs are the best if you are just two people playing. The game leader writes something and then informs the other that he is done. Then the playing person checks the document and writes what his or hers character want to do and then you continue in that manner until you can’t get any longer.
The good thing with Google docs is that you can share the document so everyone can write in it in real time. There are of course other ways you can play the game in.

What is the difference between Seventh and Dungeons and Dragons?
The main difference is that Dungeon and Dragons is set, almost set in stone, so the world, characters and the fundamental philosophy of the game is hard to change. Seventh is an imaginary world started from scratch which enables anything to happen and take shape. I wish to bring a new view to the fantasy world where Philosophy is the strongest influence. You should be able to dig deep into what it is that makes up a person and his or hers view on life and I think that Philosophy and Science is the best tools for digging deep into things.

But there are many aspects of Dungeons and Dragons that are very Philosofical?
Yes, but that philosophy is mainly already set. Seventh is a fresh start where new perspectives can thrive.

But, what is this really about? I mean it is just another game?
True, this is just another game and the most fundamental reason for playing it is that you get something out of it, be it fun, enlightning, learning, meeting new people or whatever it is that drives you.

Do I need to know any game rules?
Yes you do. The most important rules are how you build a character. Once you know that you are free to interpret it however you want. However, it is in my interest to make Classes or Professions that your character can follow. This can both make it easier and more fun fore you and you can compare it with how other people see a class or profession.
There are also other rules like, How do I fight? How do I intereact with other people in the world (non playing characters)? There are some general guidelines on how this should be dealt with but as long as everyone who is involved are playing by the same rules there is nothing to worry about. But yes, I will update these rules as well in the future.

Any other questions?


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