January 21, 2010


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The city of Thriceclan came to be after a war between three clans that had been forever fighting for the territory, that now is called Thriceclan. All clans were convinced that their clan were the rightful heir to the territory. None of the clans had any proof, or written proof at least, that their clans’ ancestors inhabited this land. All of the clans had traditionally been told through stories and rituals that their ancestors had lived this land in peace but that the other clans had come as foreigners and invaders. It was so in every clans’ conviction that the other clans should leave.

For outsiders the puzzle has, through history, seemed unsolvable. An enigma, a paradox.

After many years of insatiable feuds it seemed like time itself had grown tired of them. All of the clans prepared for the final assault. This without knowing that the other clans did the same. everyone was trained for killing, from the youngest child to the oldest wise man

When the planets and the stars aligned the three clans clashed in a brutal battle. It was fierce, so fierce that all were killed, except three, one from each clan.

In cowardice or in cunning, it is up for interpretation, each one of them was hiding during the final battle and they remained undetected. When the battle was over the three saw each other and were stunned by the lifeless bodies and the fright of being alone among enemies. It is said and told that these three knew that each one of them were outnumbered by two enemies. Again they found themselves in an unsolvable puzzle, until, like a spontaneous inspiration, they started to talk to one and other. They found that if they wanted to continue their lives they would have to come to an agreement.

Since then, Thriceclan has been goverened by the very same laws that were agreed on that day.



  1. I think you should make a world map of Seventh – with hex mapping of course!

    Comment by Jensan — January 22, 2010 @ 08:18 | Reply

    • Unfortunately I do not have an oveland map in my mind. The only images I have in my head are from a first person perspective standing in the various places. And unfortunately I am just too bad of a drawer(painter?) to make that physical. I actually have no idea where the various locations are located.

      I thought of an idea the other day though that could make it possible to pin point the locations on the globe. I thought that maybe the world of seventh is orbiting two different suns. So when the planet is exactly in between the two suns it switches orbit to the other sun and then goes a full lap. It creates an 8 visualy the both orbits. This could create some new seasons so the planet would then have 8 of them. Maybe this could give very different climates and maybe that could give me, or anyone, a clue to where stuff are.

      But yes, an overland map would help alot.

      Comment by anteolsson — January 22, 2010 @ 15:52 | Reply

  2. The two suns idea is cool. You just have to decide how it will orbit them both (otherwise you’d end up with a desert planet).

    To make a playable world map I guess you could use a program like Hexographer (

    Comment by Jensan — January 22, 2010 @ 17:43 | Reply

    • As I see it, when the planet is between the two suns it is also the furthest away from the suns as both suns gravitation is pulling it in opposite directions. Imagine the distance from the middle of an 8 to the middle in one of the rings, that distance is longer. So at this point in the orbit the whole planet is in summer or dry season at least, but the planet also has a moon which are able to block some heat from one of the suns. There might also be another planet in the same orbit, or on a paralell orbit. So, this could have an important role on the climate.
      On top of that these two suns are orbiting an ice giant that is somewhat grumpy. The two suns are trying to protect their children from the cold. There are lots of ideas, I just figured.

      I will have a look at that link there, so many thanks.

      Comment by anteolsson — January 22, 2010 @ 18:51 | Reply

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