February 4, 2010

Faction: Dice

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Dice is the name for one of the factions in Seventh. They hold the fundamental principle that everything in the universes is random and let their lives be guided by it.

The faction was founded by a man known as Lucky Lance, however, his real name is not known to the history. Lucky Lance is said to have discovered this philosophy while in a deep depression where he had found that life was hopeless, empty and eventually pointless. In the midst of his depression, it is recorded, that he had, in a last attempt to find some meaning, asked himself what he would do if this was his last day. He did not just find one answer but many and they all seemed saticfying to him but with a forbidden flavour. Out of chance and coincidence a dice was lying on his bedroom table one morning and he so asked the dice to decide his fate by setting up the forbidden answers as different options, each side of the dice representing a different answer. In a last attempt to find something that he could hold on to he rolled the dice and from that day on he worshipped the dice and admitted himself as a slave to it.

The opening line in Lycky Lances holy book “Dice” reads as follows: “Only a fool tries to escape the inevitable randomness in the universes. Life is a journy. A journey that you don’t have the previlege to dicide its different destination. In fighting the ineviteble randomness that so quitely sneaks into your life you will only fight a fight that can not be won and like a cage your mind will close in on itself leaving all your questions unanswered and a mind depraved.”

A person from this faction acts unpredictably, does not hold moral principles, as justice, loyalty and honor, and sees life as endless possibilities.


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