February 15, 2010

Faction: Natural Cirularism

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“Everything is a mere reflection of it’s seed” – Anthon Baen

Anthon Baen was something of a wanderer that spent most of his life in nature. There were many questions that bothered him because he could not find a satisfying answer no matter where he looked. But the question that bothered him the most was: “Where do I come from?”.
It was a life of the senses that Anthon lived most of his time but it was the notion of his own thoughts that made him able to form the foundation of this faction.

Anthon had been raised and lived without his mother his whole life and had somehow managed to suppressed the longing he really had for her. When the notion of his own thoughts struck him in an, to him, unusual manner he understood that he needed to pursue what was within him. The suppression of his longing finally reached him. However, it did not take long before he found his mother.

Anthon found his mother in a little hut located on a hill in the Lonely Lands, as they call it, and to his dark surprise his mother was nothing of what he had expected. His mother was a Witch in ragged clothes, skinny to the bones, dirty pale skin and no aspiration to lift a hand. Anthon learned that his mother did not regret leaving him as a child because she explained that she had no choice and in giving birth to him she had done everything she could. Then she explained to Anthon why they were there and he listened carefully.

From there on Anthon and his mother reunited and layed the foundation of the teachings of Natural Circularism.

Natural Circularism states that everything stems from Mother Nature. They say that even life comes from Mother Nature. That life is Mother Natures children, born to feed the cycle. For the cycle is the key and is in the very foundation of Natural Circularism where everything observable is inevitably circular. Plants are born from the earh, absorbing the sun and feeding the hungry. The hungry age and they die. The dead decay and turn into earth. Life is a servant to the nature it is living in, no more no less.


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