February 17, 2010

The Beauty of imagination

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Yesterday my lover and companion read the first 17 pages of the latest adventure in Houndsend. It is a story that I present and Anders unfolds and a big part of the adventure takes place in the Realm of the Mind.

So, after she had read it I asked her if she had any questions and if she had understood everything. When I asked about what she thought what happened when the protagonist appeared in the Realm of the Mind she said that she understood it as the protagonist was transported into another dimension. I responded that this can be true but that it is not necessarily true. The other dimension might be true but the transporting might not be.

I tried to explain an alternative and this is what I said:

If I ask you if we can meet telepathically with our minds and see each other, even though we close our eyes and shut our ears, while communicating would you say that that is possible? The answer here is No! So, does it seem supernatural and fantasy like that the persons in the story can do so? Yes, is the answer to this question. But if I ask you if you can just  imagine us two communicating telepathically with each other, would you then say yes? Yes, is the answer to this question too. So just like you can imagine us communicating telepathically you can just as well imagine others do it, for example the two persons in the story? The answer is again yes. So, just as you and me in this real life can imagine things so can these characters in this imaginary world imagine things? Yes! So what is the difference between you and me imagining that we are inside our heads talking to each other and that two imaginary characters are inside their heads talking to each other? For we can imagine it, right?


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