February 18, 2010

Character Advancement: An example

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Gruk is a character that is living in the world of Seventh. Gruk has always dreamed about going on adventures in forests and caves with his fathers Battle Axe slaying all the evil monsters he can find. He wants to be just as a good axe fighter as his dad.

Gruk heads out into the woods alone and it gets dark pretty quickly. He finds a giant Beaver that has read glowing eyes and wants to eat Gruk. Gruk runs up to the giant Beaver to get the first strike. Them two battle for a while and in the end Gruk comes out victories. For this Gruk has gets 50 “Unrefined Experience Points”

Gruk is happy that he killed the beast and is now curious to see what the rest of the forest hide. He eventually sees a Very very big beast, bigger than he had ever seen before. He runs towards the gigantic beast and chops at its legs and disables it. He then make a killing blow against its head. For this Gruk gets 1oo “Unrefined Experience Points”. Gruk now has a total of 150 “Unrefined Experience Points”.

Gruk finally comes to a little village and there he meets a woman called Marit, in big metall armour and holding an axe even bigger than Gruk. Gruk asks if Marit can show him some tricks. Marit agrees and shows Gruk how to start the swing of his axe while running so he can give extra power to the blow when the axe hits it target. Gruk has now learnt a special Axe Swing which he likes to call Marit’s Running Axe and he has increased his Combat Skill .To learn this Gruk has to use 100 of his “Unrefined Experience Points”. Now Gruk only have 50 “Unrefined Experience Points” left.



  1. I like this new term better, “unrefined experience points”. It got me thinking about level progression: maybe your character doesn’t gain a new level unless he spends _all_ of his experience points? So if Gruk gains 150 x.p., he needs to spend them fully before he can level up? It’s like using an inverted level advancement.

    Comment by Jensan — February 18, 2010 @ 12:33 | Reply

  2. I intuitively like the idea but I am trying to find a way how that would work. Could you then 1. Not gain any more experience points after you have reached a certain level of Unrefined experience points? or 2. When you do level up by spending all your unrefined experience points but if what you level up in cost less unrefined experience points, you have to discard the extra unrefined experience points you have? or 3. All the unrefined experience points are transformed into something that develops your character (skills and so on) in a liner fashion?

    Also how can you motivate why you have to spend all of the UXP (Unrefined (e)xperience points) when you learn something? Is it so that now that we have written all this and discussed it back and forth that I have experienced something new but I will not learn from it until I make something out of it, for example writing a new post with a clearer description of what the system is about? Could it then be that I cannot move on to develop this further until I have spent all my Unrefined Experience Points, so to speak? Which could motivate why you have to spend all the UXPs!? Don’t take the example too strict though=)

    Comment by anteolsson — February 18, 2010 @ 14:50 | Reply

  3. The short answer is: I don’t know. If every mechanic needs a real world similarity, I believe you’re striving for a system that’s overcomplicated. Because, in that context, what would the term “level” mean? You have skills that represents how good you are in something specific, UXP that’s something like information not sorted out, and lastly: levels, that represents…?

    Comment by Jensan — February 18, 2010 @ 14:58 | Reply

  4. It is of course correct that terms like levels, are ambiguous, however, I do not strive towards creating an over complicated system. I want to make it understandable no matter how simple or complicated it is. And maybe you were correct in your earlier comments that Levels and Experience points should just Not be in the game. Instead you just learn what you learn and there is no rules or mechanics that limits you in that process.

    The aspects of the rules that are most important to me is that your character sheet should give you a good idea of what your character is about and what it is capable of. Secondly, that you understand why your character has learnt certain things without having to go too deep into the rules.

    On a side note, I do believe that you can try to translate the real world mechanics into the game world but I don’t believe that it can ever be a hundred percent correct or true, but I can at least try. This is also in development and I am starting to get a feel for where this project is going and what it really is about. For if I look at the history of it and what I have enjoyed the most, it is definitely the story telling and to make things come alive within the world of Seventh. So if the rules discussed here are more in the way than they are helping then they should be discarded. I am unsure about it at the moment.

    Comment by anteolsson — February 18, 2010 @ 15:29 | Reply

  5. I agree, it’s always easy to come up with ideas and mechanics, but hard to actually know if they make sense (or, are fun!).

    Playtesting, playtesting, playtesting… That’s really it!

    Comment by Jensan — February 18, 2010 @ 15:43 | Reply

  6. True! But playtesting is what we are doing now, me, you and Anders.

    But I have thought about it all more now and I think I have come up with something, something that is more true to myself and to the nature of what this blog really is about. Please read the next post and thank you for all your counter argument.

    Comment by anteolsson — February 18, 2010 @ 16:34 | Reply

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