February 18, 2010

This Project is changing direction!

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This project will from now on change direction. Up until now this blog has been about creating a new role playing game together with a whole new rule system and a lot of new nerdy classes and fantasy variations. But this will now end and the reason for this is simple. I have already achieved what it is I really want with this project through this blog.

I feel that I am finished with creating the whole system and rule set for this new RPG. However, the real purpose for me creating this new role playing game is that it gets me to write. I am such a person that cannot write just like that and I have no discipline what so ever. This system that I have built so far is like a tool for me that enables me and pushes me to write effortlessly. It is only a shear joy to write the adventures and stories.

From now on there will only be blog posts on Lore about the world of Seventh and Stories that take place in the world of Seventh. So, there will not be any blog posts that involves rules about the game nor will there be any explanations about mechanics of how things work.

This new direction means that Seventh is an imaginary world that is created through a game master telling a story and through a player that is leading a protagonist or any other character through the story. The only thing the player has to know is his own character sheet. I will update the blog with that character sheet later. Other than that the player is free to interact within the story however they wish to.

All the things that are behind this imaginary world is in my head and the only way I can explain them properly is to tell it in the story. I don’t want to impose my ideas and thoughts and anyone through a rule system, instead I want to give shape to those ideas and thoughts within the story so that anyone who is playing can choose to interact however he pleases.

There are more points to bring up. There are so many rpg gaming systems out there that it is impossible to compete with them. Most people play DnD anyway. So there is no point in just creating a variation of these system if no one is going to play it. It is better to be true to what you do and what I really want to do is to write stories that fits my way of thinking and the system as it is now does that thousandfold.



  1. Anything that inspires you to write is a good thing!

    But will this mean that you will stop developing the rules of Seventh? Or that you just won’t be sharing the development?

    Comment by Jensan — February 19, 2010 @ 07:23 | Reply

  2. As I see it at the moment, not saying that nothing can change, is that the rules that are at the moment are sufficient and they also allow for a very free play, much similar to the philosophy of retro gaming.

    It is really fun to develop rules and frameworks around everything but lessons needs to be learnt and I think that by just understanding the current character sheet you will be able to do anything you would like in a RPG game and it should suite all kinds of players.

    For anyone who is interested in the typical class development and such, can in theory just write on the character sheet that they have studies Magic for example. The foundations for such things as magic are already embedded in the world. And if the game master asks the player to roll damage, for instance, you can just say “Please roll damage (2d6 + Strength)” and the player can then choose to insert that in or not.

    Does it sound sane?

    Comment by anteolsson — February 19, 2010 @ 09:14 | Reply

  3. In that case, I think you should:
    1. Write down all rules neatly and tidy into one nicely formatted PDF, and put it up here. Also: include chapters about the main theme and setting for Seventh
    2. Draw (by hand or in Illustrator) a character sheet (everybody loves character sheets!), and put up here
    3. Write down those adventures I’ve and others played (the one with the bandits in the house, e.g.) into separate PDF-files as well (a game system needs adventures!)
    4. Upload to for creative feedback!

    Comment by Jensan — February 20, 2010 @ 21:13 | Reply

  4. Looking forward to the rule compendium, and maybe in connection with it, and ever growing library of lived Seventh lives, creations and inventions.

    Comment by Anders — March 5, 2010 @ 12:56 | Reply

  5. The stories and the lore the stories build of seems to be the essence here. All this is definately something that will be a central part of the development and gaming of Seventh.

    Comment by anteolsson — March 5, 2010 @ 13:56 | Reply

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