March 23, 2010

Monster: Gargoyle

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A gargoyle is a grotesque made out of magical stone that to others seems to be alive. It usually has wings and two horns on its head even though they look friendly to most people.

It is alive but in another sense than humans. Their body and mind are one in the shape and is embedded and dependant on the magical stone material. Removing a body part from a gargoyle means that you are also removing a part of its mind. However, there is no universal map for which part of the body that represents which part of the mind.

Gargoyle’s are usually human creations and are kept as companions and pets. However, only someone very versed in the art of Magic would be able to create one.



  1. If a part is removed, does that part still live on? Or does it die? It would be interesting if you removed a part from the gargoyle, say its ability to speak, but the part still lives on. That way, we’d have a gargoyle that’s unable to communicate verbally, and a small chipped magical stone, that KNOWS how to talk, but lacks a mouth!

    Comment by Jensan — March 25, 2010 @ 11:25 | Reply

  2. Interesting idea and interpretation. It would follow the logic of what it is made of so I cannot see why the piece would not live. One could then talk to that piece through direct mind communication, if it wanted to that is.

    Comment by anteolsson — March 25, 2010 @ 11:36 | Reply

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