August 3, 2010

At the end of the middle

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Yesterday, or rather 05.50 this morning, I finished Mass Effect 2 and I fell asleep with a big smile on my face. Today I feel weird. I feel emotionally sensitive and a sadness is all over me. This means, of course, that it was a good game. Good is an understatement, it was an incredible powerful game, I even started over this morning wanting to go through the story one more time.

But it is overwhelming this and now I am at work, starting my shift in three minutes and I need to disconnect my vital parts of my brain and body so I can concentrate on the job

No more time. Tali Zora vas Normandie, I see you soon



  1. The same feeling I had upon completion of Planescape!

    Comment by Jensan — August 6, 2010 @ 19:16 | Reply

  2. Me too!

    Comment by anteolsson — August 7, 2010 @ 16:02 | Reply

  3. It feels like it was an eternity since last time I saw the of a game… Baldur’s Gate II ending, where art thou??

    Comment by Jensan — August 14, 2010 @ 10:57 | Reply

  4. The story of Baldur’s gate 2 is incredible, hell the whole game is incredible. I wont tell you anything of the ending though, at least not more than that it is further ahead

    Comment by anteolsson — August 15, 2010 @ 14:53 | Reply

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