March 5, 2012

Seventh: Class Edition

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Through some inspiration I decided to make Classes for this role playing system. There was one intention involved when spawning the ideas for the classes that will be listed below. An intention to create a system that is not streamlined. An attempt to bring back a naivety to role playing mechanics where everything does not have to be logical and made up of templates that fit all classes.


Each class uses a different method for resolving the success of combat and their specific class abilities. There are only three classes outlined this far: Thief, Mage and Fighter.


The Thief

The Thief uses 6d6 in order to determine the outcome of combat. The thief can roll all of the six dices once and the result of the six dice will have an effect as is outlined in the table here below.

Attacks Dice combination Effect
Normal hit One Pair 1 Endurance reduction
Wounding hit Two Pair 2 Endurance reduction
Bleeding hit Three of a kind 3 Endurance reduction
Critical hit Four of a kind 4 Endurance reduction
Severing hit Five of a kind 5 Endurance reduction
Leathal hit Six of a kind 6 Endurance Reduction

The Thief also has class abilities that are outlined below.

Skills Dice combination Effect
Thieving Four in a row Stealing and unlocking locks are successful
Lay/disarm trap Five in a row Arming and disarming traps are successful
Sneaking Six in a row You move unseen
Subdue Full house You make people act and talk to your will by influencing them.

The Mage

The Mage use poetry in order to cast magic. The power of his magic is depending on three types of rhymes and how many lines he use to cast a spell. The three rhyme types are: Alliteration, End Rhyme and Internal Rhyme.

Alliteration is when two sequential words in the same line starts with the same syllable. End rhyme is when the last word in two lines sound the same. Internal rhyme is when a word in the middle of a line rhymes with the last word in the same line.

The Mage can make up to four lines in total per spell with a minimum of one line.

At least one line of poetry needs to mention the target directly, synonymously or as a metaphor. If the target is a door the following are accepted: Door (directly), Gate (synonymously), the sealed opening (metaphorically).

The next table will show what the effect is, depending on the rhyme type and how many lines.

Number of lines Condition Effect
One Alliteration One Endurance reduction
One Internal rhyme One Endurance reduction
Two End rhyme of both lines Two Endurance reduction
Three End rhyme of all lines Three Endurance reduction

Here are some examples to clarify this.

The threatening gaze of this Dire Dog “Dire dog” is Alliteration One Endurance reduction
Now merely a sight of a harmless frog dog’ and ‘frog’ are end rhymes Two Endurance reduction
Total Three Endurance reduction


Unlike most I am not scared of this ghost most’ and ‘ghosts’ are Internal Rhymes Total One Endurance reduction


You filthy lizard lizard’ and ‘blizzard’ are end rhymes Two Endurance reduction
I coveth you in in’ and ‘kin’ are end rhymes Two Endurance reduction
And all of your kin
A chilling blizzard
Total Four Endurance reduction


The Fighter

The Fighter uses a combination of attacks up to a maximum of 9 combinations per round. An example can be that a Fighter first push, then kick and then slash with a sword. To determine the success of the combination attack the fighter has to roll 1d10 and for each subsequent attack in the combination the difficulty is raised. For the first attack he needs to roll 2 or higher, for the second attack he needs to roll 3 or higher and so on. This is also outlined here below:


Dice Number of combinations Required dice result Effect
1d10 1 2 One Endurance reduction
1d10 2 2,3 Two Endurance reduction
1d10 3 2,3,4 Three Endurance reduction
1d10 4 2,3,4,5 Four Endurance reduction
1d10 5 2,3,4,5,6 Five Endurance Reduction
1d10 6 2,3,4,5,6,7 Six Endurance Reduction
1d10 7 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Seven Endurance Reduction
1d10 8 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Eight Endurance Reduction
1d10 9 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Nine Endurance Reduction


  1. Nice! Everything is better in print!

    Comment by Jensan — March 6, 2012 @ 14:10 | Reply

  2. Stop playing Legend of Grimrock and update with the playtest and/or new optional rules!

    Comment by Jensan — April 18, 2012 @ 15:25 | Reply

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