April 19, 2012


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We have playtested the Rogue Class in my version of an infinite
dungeon. The dungeon is basically an infinite series of rooms that has
one entrance and two exits, each exit leads to a new room. Each room
is randomly rolled to see if there are any monsters, pussles, quests,
challenges and what types of exits there are.

My friend Jens played a single rogue with the following house rules.

House Rules
– The character start with 10 in Strength, Endurance and Agility.
– At character creation you can distribute 3 points to the above attributes.
– The total value in Endurance is your maximum life.
– The total value in Agility is the maximum amount of re-rolls you can
do per level.
– When all Agility points have been used the character can level up.
– The character can only level up when he is out of an encounter. Ie,
if he is occupied by a monster or any other challenge no leveling up
can be done.
– When leveling up the character get 1 point to distribute to either
Strength, Endurance and Agility.
– For every even level the character gains a new ability is learnt. We
discussed this during game play and decided together how to arrange it
– All challenges and difficulty tests were made with a roll of 1d20.
If the roll was lower than the appropriate attribute (Strength,
Endurance, Agility) the roll was successful. Agility points could also
be spent to reroll.
– Monsters in the dungeon used the Mage, Rogue or the Fighter template
to resolve combats. A snake used the Rogue, a Wizard used the Mage
template for example. This meant that I had to come up with rhyming
poems on the fly.

The point of gaining an ability on each even level was to give an
oportunity to change the game play and not to just increase another
attribute in a linear fashion. We discussed some different things you
could do but only tested two abilities.

The first ability was to let the Rogue “pay” one pair of his dice in
order to make a second roll with the four remaining dice and so add
extra damage in that turn. For example: The Rogue roll three of a kind
(3 damage) and one pair (1 damage) which would do 4 damage in total.
He could then discard the one pair and make an additional roll with
the 4 remaining dice. In this way he would do 3 damage from the three
of a kind and plus the damage he rolls in the second roll after he has
discarded one pair. As soon as he has discarded one pair he could not
use any agility points to re roll.

The second ability I used when Jens was fighting a giant snake.
Whenever the snake was attacked the snake rolled 6 dice and reduced
the damage taken with the score he got. The Snake could not use any
agility points to reroll this defensive roll.

Special Cases
When Jens fought the snake he decided to try to point out the eyes of
the snake. Jens then made an Agility check with a 1d20 and compared
the result with the same check for the snake. Jens won and blinded the
snake. I then removed two dice from the snake’s available dice, ie the
snake could then only roll 4 dice to attack and defend.

March 8, 2011

New adventure

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I have started a new adventure, however, it takes place in another imaginary world than seventh and uses another rule set, namely the d20srd.

The adventure can be followed here:

Click on the adventure log to read the adventure in its entirety.

August 18, 2009


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A new game of Seventh has been played between Mr Ridiculus Pants Jens. It went very well and it was a lot of fun. What I want to do now is to go through the good and the bad things of the adventure. However, I will limit it to the rules and the game mechanics.

First off, I was forgetful in the beginning of the adventure and did not explain all the rules clearly. This was not necesserily the point but I missed some very basic stuff. I forgot to tell jens to put points into Senses and as you kind of use your senses all the time this is a quite vital thing. I also did not tell him to write down everything he finds in some sort of inventory so he can keep track of all things that he carries. If you try to keep all things you find during the adventure in your memory you will most probably fail so writing everything down is a good thing.

Secondly, I did not explain the difference between Combat Rolls and Non Combat Rolls. Combat Rolls are made d6, unless it says otherwise, and Non Combat Rolls are made with d10. For example, Jens decides to listen to what happens on the other side of a door. He then makes a check with 1d10 + Hearing to see if he hears anything, that is a Non Comabt Roll. A combat roll is for example an Attack Roll(AR) which is 2d6 + Agility.

Third, I did not always make everything clear in what happend. Such things as if I thought that it was obvious that he did not hit so I did not write it but to avoid any confusion all things like that should be written down by the one who leads the game.

Halfway through the adventure Jens made a program called 7th Character Sheet. This made everything much easier and anyone who sees him should give him a hug for making the program. The address to the 7th Chracter Sheet is

For anyone who want to read the adventure can find it here:


July 20, 2009

Join me!

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I am going to start a community project out of a game I want to make. I have already started and come a long way so far but I need help and inspiration from others to go further. The game is for the moment called Seventh and is a pen and paper roll playing game but where it ends up is not determined and does not really matter. So far I have played different versions of the game with my little twin brothers and with friends. But I believe that the current version of the game goes in the direction I want to go.

So what do I intend to get you involved? Well, I am basically a none working person when I work on my own and that is not out of lasiness but out of a more fundamental cause. So far this game has only been developed while playing it. I have never worked on it while not playing. And this is the fundamental cause of it all. Play or Playing is the key to productivity for me and that might be ironic as I want to make games but I assure everyone that it is fully possible to develop the game while playing it. So I would most of all that more than me are playing this game. Play with your friend or friends and if you think that you have a good idea for a change or a new feature then add it! I want to be the executive producer of the game but as long you can motivate what you change I consider the change to be in effect.

So what are the basics of the game? The basics are the same as any other RPG. Roll playing games are mainly about to see through the eyes of the character you play so that the decisions are not necessarrily from your personal point of view but from the character you play. You do not brake any rules of course if the decisions are plainly from your point of view but sometimes it gets unexpectedly fun and the story can take unexpected turns when you really play through the eyes of the character you play. What more, elements like fighting, magic, thieving and conversation are in the game as well as the famous Dice. Anyone who is familiar with D&D will think it is very similar. That is because it is very similar and I personally think that D&D are the best rules for roll playing games known to me. The reason I do not want to start playing D&D is because I want to create a game and there are some many things I want to do different. To play and create are the most important and maybe the only things that I see as important with this. Mainly because it is so extremely fun and it is in no way forcing. And I encourage both social and antisocial behaviour because the absolutely most important thing with this project for me is that it is fun for me and likewise should the most important thing for you be that is fun for you. If you think that being social is fun for you then so be it.

Further more, I would like to tell you now that the game is very free. The most extensive session I have played was with my friend Anders and we played one adventure for about a month during working hours. A link to this story and adventyre will come in the end of this post. I first of all made up a title of the story which in this case was: The Ghoul. I then placed the player, Anders, in a village or more precisely he woke up in a village with an unknown name. At this point neither he nor me new about the world where the story took place. It was then up to Anders to tell me what he wanted to do and so things was created. He landed in the market district in the village and just like that a market district and a sausage vendor was invented. Because I was the Game Master I would have to try to talk as the sausage vendor should talk. In this case the sausage vendor described to Anders what the Quest was about: A Ghoul had kidnapped two young girls and ran into a cave in the hills near the village. The Ghoul had run past the Rounded Tavern and so a Tavern was invented and as soon Anders walked in to that tavern new paople was invented and new conversations took place. And so it continued through the entire adventure. Anders was basically free to say and do whatever he wanted and by giving him that freedom I also got tons of new ideas for developing the game and did so while playing.

Ok, that will be it for now. I will now take the courage to send out an email about this blog to my gaming friends and give you the links to the game.

Link to the actual adventure:
Rules, Classes, Skills etc:
Spell Book:


Best regards,

July 17, 2009

The End of Fall

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I completed Fallout 3 yesterday but I immediately felt that I wanted to play more. I dreamt about it last night and was kind of halucinating. In any case I kind of made up a new character build while dreaming which I tested today. It didn’t take long before I met trouble. I wanted to create a character that relies on Hand to Hand combat and the Speach skill and the Sneak skill of course but I dont see how you can play that kind of game without sneaking. After all Fallout 3 is built on the Oblivion engine and sneaking works exactly the same, which is good I think. I almost directly came into trouble because you dont deal that much damage in hand to hand combat in the beginning without the correct gear and your sneak skill is not high enough.

The first character I played with was skilled in small weapons, sneaking and lock picking first of all and then secondary in repair and science. Those are fun skills to play with  but I must say that the game kind of immediately became different by investing points in the speach skill. It gave me other options for completing quests that I did not see the first time around. I will try again to finish off the raiders with my bare hands but I think it will take some drugs to do it.

Anyway, I thought of making this into a pure gaming blog and make a real project out of Seventh which is a gaming idea I have had for a long time now. If you want to see how a round of Seventh works then have a look at the next post. There you can read the adventure that I created for my friend who played the character Sedran.

July 15, 2009

Fallout 3

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I have the pleassure of playing Fallout 3 and so far it is fantastic. I am currently quite far in the main quest and I have reached character level 14, six more to go.

I played both Fallout 1 and 2 but I never finished any of them. I didnt feel like I had too, don’t know why,but I had a very fun time playing them anyway. There are some real differences between Fallout 3 and the earlier versions but Bethesda has succeeded in preserving its atmosphere which in its all simplicity is post apocalyptic.

I bought a sensored versions so Morpin is called Med-x and some other drugs has probably also has their names changed. I do not like that at all, as sensoring rarly has any profound arguments behind them. Paintings, as artform, does not get sensored and there is noone that can say, with a valid argument, that Leonardo da Vinci is more of an artist than the game creators of Fallout 3, ie Bethesda Softworks. None the less, the game is superb and I somehow wish I was completely detached from any civilization so I could solely concentrate on living in the Fallout 3 world. I figure that would give Fallout 3 the attention it deserves and somehow requires.

I do not wish to be long so if you have not bought Fallout 3 yet then do so. Unless you have limited time that is.

July 9, 2009

A Super Secret Project

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Today I have been working on a super secret project. It goes forward and we had time with two runthroughs. It went well.

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July 7, 2009

A short message

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If you like you can ignore my first post but I leave it entirely up to you if you ignore it or not.


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First things first

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In short: I am unemployed.

What the above statement might mean or consequise (I just made up that word I think but let’m ( = let me) check it out…nope, there is no such word as consequise!) i will let the reader decide.

First thought so far is: if we would not be intrested in design, google docs would be eminent to use for blogging. Just log in to and write what you want without having anything else disturbing your vision while writing. When you are done you just publish it.

But now we are interested in design, or at least we think we are, so we will have to do with something less functional, ie typing in a box smaller then necessary.

Second thing could be: I have not used before so I hope that this window that you write in…oh now I see, it is a QuickPress window. So, this should mean that there should be a link somewhere to a more functional window!.? I will have to investigate that once I am done with this.

Third: I was thinking before I started to write this new blog. Sometimes that is a good thing.

Fourth: The easiest way to write is the most difficult stage to attain. I am talking about writing what you think. It is difficult to attain the stage of just writing what you think because you are both criticising and sensoring yourself constantly. That is not really why it is difficult, i more or less listed what happened when you write. No, the difficult thing is to overcome the criticising and the sensoring. But! Whenever you have come past the critical point bewtween criticising and sensoring yourself, you no longer do it and it becomes frictionless to write what you think.
The reason for why this phenomena exist is probably because we always have an audience, or more correct: a thought audience. In reality the audience can be close to zero but the self indulged criticising and sensoring is still there.

Fifth: I also thought if there has to be a theme in a blog? Of course there does not has to be a theme!

Sixth: I am unemployed so I might write what I do and think. If I was you I would read this blog all the time. If you think of it it makes a lot of sense. I am quite unique, or at least belonging to a minority. Most people work and have predestined paths/tasks to follow during their days but I don’t. I need to find my own paths/tasks. Because if you for one second thought that I fill my days with applying for jobs I beg you to think again. No, I am not getting any money from any government and I certainly am not rich. How I make money? That is a secret.

I wish I just for once could travel to Balmora.

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