February 17, 2011

Nof – Updated

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Nof has expanded, not physically, but, forget it. Nof has been updated and has been published to the below link.

Nof Published


As soon as we update the original document, this link will be updated as well. No idea if it is possible to set RSS feed on this.

December 31, 2010

New Adventure: Storytellers

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A new adventure has been started. This time in a framed narrative where a story takes place inside the story.

You can find it here

October 20, 2010

An abstract but wonderful adventure

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The 5th of May I changed roles and took the perspective of a player instead of a game leader in my own system. It was my good friend Anders who had an idea and wanted to shape it into an adventure. Anyone who has seen The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus might see resemlance in the absurdities.

In any case, I hope someone else than us can enjoy reading it, which is why I now decide to publish it.

Read it here

March 25, 2010

A new adventure with a new Character

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We have started a new adventure called Nof in a place unknown where Nof is the character played by Anders. This character and the environment is very different from what can be recognised in Houndsend but where is he? No one knows at the moment but I am sure Nof will explore the underground he climbs down in in this adventure and maybe reveal some very juicy secrets.

This adventure contains bloody details, you have been warned.

Nof’s Character sheet with some mood setting images can be found here.

The Adventure (4 pages) can be found here.


February 28, 2010

A new gaming session – Kalesta in Houndsend

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Some days ago I signed up with and posted a request for players. The next day I already got some replies saying that they wanted to play.

Yesterday we set up time for playing an adventure and as I have done with all players so far I started this adventure in Houndsend. The player called himself Kaleta and I asked him what background he came from. We established that Kaleta’s family had been murdered and their home burnt down. Kaleta was the only survivor and was now determined that he wanted to find out who and why they had did what they’d done. We also established that this made Kaleta a somewhat emotionally disturbed human who needed to make sense of his world. He has a very firm world view of what is right and wrong and will not tolerate bad behaviour from others. This you will notice if you read the adventure that I have will publish as a PDF in this post.

You can find the whole adventure here (5 pages)

This is Kalesta’s Character sheet:


Class level: 0

Experience level: 0

Physical Faculties




Constitution: 0



Strength: 8

Agility: 6

Endurance: -4

Beauty: -10

Mental Faculties




Memory: 0



Intuition: -3

Intelligence: 4

Will: 4

Instinct: -5



Vision: 2

Hearing: 2

Taste: -10

Smell: -4

Touch (Physical feeling): 0

Clairvoyance (Remote feeling): 10

Balance: 0



Exploration: -4

Combat: 4

Concentration: 4

Creation: -2

Socialisation: -2



August 20, 2009

New Adventure!

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A new adventure has been created. It is an adventure for rangers or for any who wants to go hunting for that matter. It is called The Hunting Contest and takes place in a forest. The one who brings home the biggest deer will be the winner but noone knows what is inside that forest so be sure that you are prepared.

If you want to have a look at the adventure or if you want to play it, just leave a comment.


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