March 8, 2011

New adventure

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I have started a new adventure, however, it takes place in another imaginary world than seventh and uses another rule set, namely the d20srd.

The adventure can be followed here:

Click on the adventure log to read the adventure in its entirety.

October 17, 2009

Diego the tiny adventurer

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On my desk, which where my computer monitor resides, lives a imaginary adventurer. It is his home even though he does not know how he came to be there in the first place. His name is Diego and he is mainly a Rouge but has some other skills as well. Every day he has to face to harsh reality of the Over Lord Andreas’s (me) ¬†imagination.

The following is Diegos first Adventure which takes place on the very desk I sit at now:

Diego is terrified after last night when he was attacked from behind by the Empty Beer Bottle. He did not know, up until last night, that beer bottles come to life when they have stood in the same place for a long time. It nearly killed him and he had to take an extended rest after the battle had settled. The clock had just strucken 10.00 PM and he was ready to fold himslef up in a sheet taken from the nearby toilet paper roll when he heard someone muttering in an unknown language. As he turned around he saw this giant green beer bottle attacking him. He did what he had to do: Make a Reflex Save against Old Beer Bottle. Diego has some class levels in Rouge so his Reflex saving throws are quite high. He Rolled a 17 and the DC was only 12. Diego was also happy that he got the Improved Evasion feat because now he could avoided all the damage instead of taking half damage.

So, he rolled away from the any harm and as soon as he was on his both legs he pulled out his two Katana’s, both magically enchanted which he once found under an external hard drive. It was now Diegos turn and he made a move towards the Beer Bottle and then swung his main hand Katana which unfortunately missed. He then swung his off-hand Katana which hit and dealt 10 physical damage. This nearly broke the bottle but due to the Toughness feat the Beer bottle lived. The Beer Bottle fealt that it was time to use his special attack which can only be used one time per day. Shoot Bottle Cap, as it is called, triggered the bottle cap to shoot forth at an enormous speed and it forced Diego to make a new Reflex save. Diego successfully saved against the Bottle Cap as well and when it was his turn to act he rolled his attack roll and added his Dexterity modifier instead of his Strength modifier to the roll. This time his main-hand Katana made a critical hit which resultet in 16 physical damage. The Giant Beer Bottle shattered in thousand pieces filling the table with glass dust. Diego fealt curageous, of course, but that feeling changed when he thought of how the Over Lord Andreas would react when he saw that all this glass pieces were all over his desk.

Happy but nervous, Diego rolled himself up in a sheet of toilet paper and fell asleep only to wake up the next day and face new adventures.

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