May 24, 2010

The longest journey

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For quite some time now we have been playing an adventure in Houndsend with a character called Uma. I have not posted much of it before, mostly because I thought it contained lots of “spoilers”. But now I read it through and I think that there is a lot in this adventure that can explain some things about the universe itself and if you think the story and adventure is interesting in itself then all the better.

You can read it here



April 20, 2010

The Rulebook is here!

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It took some time to get this basic rulebook finished and maybe I should be honest about why it did take so long time. I have lately been busy with playing the all time classic Diablo 2 computer role playing game. The ladder season had just reset so I created a Hard Core character. I got her up to level 88 and got a quite good place in the ranking but she met her nemesis Nilathak and died. Now there is no more to playing Diablo 2 so I got back to working on Seventh again.

This Rulebook discusses a little bit about what the world is about and is aimed more at the fundamentals of the world rather than the particulars of the world. I hope it can be of some use to anyone reading it and if there are any questions regarding the content of the rulebook please file a comment.

You can download it here in PDF format: Seventh Rulebook

Consume it at Will,

March 26, 2010

Nof continues after the rabbit hole!

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Nof, the character in my last post, has continued his adventure in the underground caves. The brutal and bloody fighting continues and at moments it gets uglier than earlier. He discovers a somewhat depraved society in the tunnels and he acts through his instincts and challenges the animals inhabiting this area.

Please have a read how the adventure continues here. The story continues on page 4, if you read the last pdf.

If you want to see the character sheet for the Brothel Guards that Nof encounters, check this by highlighting the rest of the text:

Physical Faculties
Strength: 15
Agility: 10
Endurance: 12
Beauty: -8

Mental Faculties
Intuition: -7
Intelligence: -6
Will: 4
Instinct: 0
Vision: 0
Hearing: 0
Taste: 0
Smell: 0
Touch (Physical feeling): 0
Clairvoyance (Remote feeling): 0

Exploration: 0
Combat: 10
Concentration: 0
Creation: 0
Divination: 0

Hardened and ritualised heavy leather armour: Endurance +5, Agility -3,
A one meter long broad sword made of a black metal: 3d20 damage

Special Abilities
Strength 6: 1d6 extra on Damage Rolls
Strength 11: 1d6 extra on Damage Rolls
Agility 6: 1d6 extra on Defensive Rolls

Offensive unarmed training: 1d6 extra on Attack Rolls
Offensive Broad sword training: 1d6 extra on Attack Rolls

Fountain of Fighters Guard tattoo: A tattoo on the throat that says that you are member of the Fountain of Fighters

March 25, 2010

A new adventure with a new Character

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We have started a new adventure called Nof in a place unknown where Nof is the character played by Anders. This character and the environment is very different from what can be recognised in Houndsend but where is he? No one knows at the moment but I am sure Nof will explore the underground he climbs down in in this adventure and maybe reveal some very juicy secrets.

This adventure contains bloody details, you have been warned.

Nof’s Character sheet with some mood setting images can be found here.

The Adventure (4 pages) can be found here.


March 22, 2010

How the adventurers learned to control fire with their minds

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I want to share with you how two adventurers has understood and learnt magic in Seventh. Kalesta and Uma are two adventurers playing separately  in the same setting and have both discovered magic. I thought it could be quite interesting to read how they saw it independent of each other.

Please read from page 40 in this PDF. Here Uma is reading The Book Of Fire for the first time and after that she tries to put her new knowledge to practice by creating fire with the power of her mind.

Please read from page 14 in this PDF. Here Kalesta is reading The Book Of Fire for the first time and after that he tries to put his new knowledge to practice just as Uma did.

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to read the whole adventure, unless you want to play it too.

March 3, 2010

Rulebook on its way…

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I hate to make a post that says that I will do something but have not done it yet. But I am working on a rulebook that will explain a little bit what Seventh is about and how to get started. So look back soon when it is here, it is going to be awesome.

I, maybe unfortunately for others, do not think in images but rather in principles and feelings so it might not be the most visually and visually descriptive but I will attempt to describe the feeling of how I see the universe and for anyone who wants to invent knew imaginary areas will have lots of fundamental information to build further on.

That is it for now,

February 28, 2010

A new gaming session – Kalesta in Houndsend

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Some days ago I signed up with and posted a request for players. The next day I already got some replies saying that they wanted to play.

Yesterday we set up time for playing an adventure and as I have done with all players so far I started this adventure in Houndsend. The player called himself Kaleta and I asked him what background he came from. We established that Kaleta’s family had been murdered and their home burnt down. Kaleta was the only survivor and was now determined that he wanted to find out who and why they had did what they’d done. We also established that this made Kaleta a somewhat emotionally disturbed human who needed to make sense of his world. He has a very firm world view of what is right and wrong and will not tolerate bad behaviour from others. This you will notice if you read the adventure that I have will publish as a PDF in this post.

You can find the whole adventure here (5 pages)

This is Kalesta’s Character sheet:


Class level: 0

Experience level: 0

Physical Faculties




Constitution: 0



Strength: 8

Agility: 6

Endurance: -4

Beauty: -10

Mental Faculties




Memory: 0



Intuition: -3

Intelligence: 4

Will: 4

Instinct: -5



Vision: 2

Hearing: 2

Taste: -10

Smell: -4

Touch (Physical feeling): 0

Clairvoyance (Remote feeling): 10

Balance: 0



Exploration: -4

Combat: 4

Concentration: 4

Creation: -2

Socialisation: -2



February 15, 2010

Faction: Natural Cirularism

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“Everything is a mere reflection of it’s seed” – Anthon Baen

Anthon Baen was something of a wanderer that spent most of his life in nature. There were many questions that bothered him because he could not find a satisfying answer no matter where he looked. But the question that bothered him the most was: “Where do I come from?”.
It was a life of the senses that Anthon lived most of his time but it was the notion of his own thoughts that made him able to form the foundation of this faction.

Anthon had been raised and lived without his mother his whole life and had somehow managed to suppressed the longing he really had for her. When the notion of his own thoughts struck him in an, to him, unusual manner he understood that he needed to pursue what was within him. The suppression of his longing finally reached him. However, it did not take long before he found his mother.

Anthon found his mother in a little hut located on a hill in the Lonely Lands, as they call it, and to his dark surprise his mother was nothing of what he had expected. His mother was a Witch in ragged clothes, skinny to the bones, dirty pale skin and no aspiration to lift a hand. Anthon learned that his mother did not regret leaving him as a child because she explained that she had no choice and in giving birth to him she had done everything she could. Then she explained to Anthon why they were there and he listened carefully.

From there on Anthon and his mother reunited and layed the foundation of the teachings of Natural Circularism.

Natural Circularism states that everything stems from Mother Nature. They say that even life comes from Mother Nature. That life is Mother Natures children, born to feed the cycle. For the cycle is the key and is in the very foundation of Natural Circularism where everything observable is inevitably circular. Plants are born from the earh, absorbing the sun and feeding the hungry. The hungry age and they die. The dead decay and turn into earth. Life is a servant to the nature it is living in, no more no less.

January 22, 2010

Parahnea, the second chapter

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There he stood in the Circle room and did not know what he was waiting for. But he did as he was instructed to do. Stand on the weird symbol for some seconds or minutes. After approximately 10 seconds the room went dark. Ten seconds, again, later he saw Orfim blurry ten centimeters from his face.

– Whaa! He shouted.

– Goodday to you too.

– Oh sorry sir. I was not prepared for you being so close to my face.

– No? What were you prepared for then?

– Eeh, I do not know sir. Maybe to see you a bit farther away. Like half a meter or so.

– I see. Well, you are most welcome to my simple house. May I ask you to take a cup of tea with me and Manil? Do you know Manil?

– Yes.

– Oh. Where did you meat her?

– No! I mean, I would like a cup of tea. i have never meat Manil, if it is Manil Nilam Lord of Garnical you mean.

– Yes it is that Manil indeed I mean. So what kind of tea would you like?

– Any tea would be just fine.

– And you are sure of that?

– Should I not be?

– How should I know. It is you who are going to drink it.

– I am sure any tea will be fine. Shall we?

– Yes yes. Follow me.

They walked through the room they were in and passed out through the only door in that room. When outside the room he noticed they had entered a garden. And in the middle of the garden Manil lied zipping from a cup of tea. His heart started to race and his smile stretched. She looked even prettier than he had imagined, though he now only saw her from behind. The first passage was through branshes hanging down from Apple trees. It was beautiful and the scent was heavenly. He stroked his hand through his hair once or twice to make sure he looked proper. While they were coming closer to Manil he noticed that she did not rise to greet him. Orfim made a quiet cough. Manil turned her head slowly towards them.

– Whow, he screamed loud.

– Oh sorry for scaring you it is just my sun mask. I’ll take it off at once.

His heart had double beat now But as Manil slowly removed her mask he became calm. Her beauty was stunning. She was absolutely the prettiest woman he had ever seen.

– How impolite of me not to greet you. I am truly sorry but anyway. I am Manil Nilam, Lord of Garnical. Who might you be?

– I am, hmm.

– Sorry?

– I am, well. I…

– Is something the matter?

The worst thing have happened. He had forgot his name. He felt stupid and his face turned red of embaracement. He knew that if he told her why he felt stupied she was going to think that he really was stupid. Maybe he was, he thought.

– I am sorry for being absent for a while there. My name is not important where I come from. I have come to meat Orfim and I am very well pleased to meat you at the same time.

– What is the matter with Orfim you have then.

– He implies that he has travelled from Parahnea to here in seven days. Which I have a hard time to believe but if it is true it is amazing.

– Is it true what Orfim says.

– Yes it is true but it is not as amazing as you think.

– Is it not? The record holder of travelling by foot from Parahnea to Garnical has the remarkable record of ten days. And he used every spell he could to make it in that time.

– Yes, I hear you but he probably did not use the teleportation spell.

– Teleportation spell? That is unheard of. Such magic would bend the axis of time and that is what we know impossible.

– That is what we think but what is true is another thing. The real matter I have here is to introduce a new spell to you. And this spell is called Spell of teleportation. Well it is two spells actually because in my studies I have found out that it is a complete different matter to teleport objects such as rocks and tables compared to objects with life such as humans. You would think that a teleportation spell would require the spellcaster to be able to bend time but in fact the spellcaster has to bend space equally. And the reason for that is that space is time and time is space. You see. To travel from point A to B requires time and space. If there is no space there could be no ponit A nor point B and if there was no time there would be no traveling. But the thing is that if you merge these two into one you will get only space. Let us make an example. This apple you see here laying on the table in front of us. If you had 2 liters of wine how many apples would you then see on the table?

– More than one probably, if I had not passed out allready.

– So this means that what you see is not always correct.

– Well if I am drunk the alcohol has affected my vision. That everybody knows.

– Are you sure? How many fingers do I hold up?

– Two.

– Wrong! I am holding up only one finger.

– But you folded one finger down after I asked.

– Okey. Let us try it again. How many fingers do I hold up?

– Two.

– No wrong again. Let us now make a last try. How many fingers do I hold up.

– One.

– Absolutely correct.

– But now you only held one finger up.

– Yes and so did I also the first two times.

– No you did not. My vision is very good and I am not intoxicated in any way.

– My point is that you cannot prove in any way that I did not hold up only one finger the two first times because my theory says that what you see is not the complete truth. And therefor I cannot prove that my theory is correct either. BUT I can show you when I teleport an object from one spot to another without wasting any time. While this is not proof according to my theory it will be proof according to the theory you have about time. So let me show you an example of when I teleport this apple from the table to my hand in no time.

– I am all eyes so let us watch you do it right here and right now.

– Calm calm sir. Please take a step back.

He uttered a flow of words and pointed his hand at the apple. In the same time he said the last word the apple appeard in his hand and was no longer visible on the table.

– I’ll be damned. I do not belive my eys.

– And you should not either. If I may I will now teleport the apple back to the table.

– Indeed. I am all eyes again.

He started to say the same words again but this time he held his hand over the apple. Again after he uttered the last word in the word flow the apple appeared on the table and disappeared from his hand,

– How is this possible, Orfim said confused.

– It is possible because our eyes do not always tell us the truth and that is also why we can never proove that my theory is true. But one thing is true. You are amazed and everybody that will see me perform the spell will be amazed and the most of you will believe me. The funny thing is that the wordflow is not that hard. It take quite some time to perform but the words are easilly pronounced. So, dear Orfim. Can I put this spell in the Official book of spells?

– I hope so but there will ofcourse be some more testing before it will be official. Now if you excuse me I will go to bed and have myself a good rest. I think my brain will need it before we start with the testing. Please sit down and have a chat with Manil in the meantime.

January 21, 2010


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The city of Thriceclan came to be after a war between three clans that had been forever fighting for the territory, that now is called Thriceclan. All clans were convinced that their clan were the rightful heir to the territory. None of the clans had any proof, or written proof at least, that their clans’ ancestors inhabited this land. All of the clans had traditionally been told through stories and rituals that their ancestors had lived this land in peace but that the other clans had come as foreigners and invaders. It was so in every clans’ conviction that the other clans should leave.

For outsiders the puzzle has, through history, seemed unsolvable. An enigma, a paradox.

After many years of insatiable feuds it seemed like time itself had grown tired of them. All of the clans prepared for the final assault. This without knowing that the other clans did the same. everyone was trained for killing, from the youngest child to the oldest wise man

When the planets and the stars aligned the three clans clashed in a brutal battle. It was fierce, so fierce that all were killed, except three, one from each clan.

In cowardice or in cunning, it is up for interpretation, each one of them was hiding during the final battle and they remained undetected. When the battle was over the three saw each other and were stunned by the lifeless bodies and the fright of being alone among enemies. It is said and told that these three knew that each one of them were outnumbered by two enemies. Again they found themselves in an unsolvable puzzle, until, like a spontaneous inspiration, they started to talk to one and other. They found that if they wanted to continue their lives they would have to come to an agreement.

Since then, Thriceclan has been goverened by the very same laws that were agreed on that day.

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