April 20, 2010

The Rulebook is here!

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It took some time to get this basic rulebook finished and maybe I should be honest about why it did take so long time. I have lately been busy with playing the all time classic Diablo 2 computer role playing game. The ladder season had just reset so I created a Hard Core character. I got her up to level 88 and got a quite good place in the ranking but she met her nemesis Nilathak and died. Now there is no more to playing Diablo 2 so I got back to working on Seventh again.

This Rulebook discusses a little bit about what the world is about and is aimed more at the fundamentals of the world rather than the particulars of the world. I hope it can be of some use to anyone reading it and if there are any questions regarding the content of the rulebook please file a comment.

You can download it here in PDF format: Seventh Rulebook

Consume it at Will,


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