January 3, 2010

Update and change in Faculties

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I have been thinking about the different faculties that a character is made up of and I think a change has to be made.

From the beginning of Seventh, Wisdom was not a Mental Faculty: I think that that was correct and therefor will change it again. Wisdom is not a direct inherent of the mind but is rather a result of your experience and your data processing faculties: Intelligence and Intuition. So, Wisdom, as a Mental Faculty, will have to be removed.

The second change to the faculties is that Instinct has to take place there as well. Intelligence and Intuition is two different data processing units that are faculties of the mind but after long concideration I have found that our Insinct is also a data processing unit of the mind. Therefor it has to take place there as well.

So the Mental faculties are now: instinct, intuition, intelligence and will

September 4, 2009

Update – Attributes

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I have been thinking back and forth about the attributes a character should have. There are certain that are mandatory such as Strength and Intelligence but there are also some that are far to specialized like Dexterity.  Dexterity only refers to your hands which is why Agility is a much better attribute as it involves the whole body.

I have added a new attribute called Intuition because we have nothing like our sense of intuition and it is a lot of the time a very important tool for survival. Our intuition gives us information about things without doing any activte thinking and it is the main tool a new born baby use for learning. I older ages we start using our intelligence and the more we train our intelligence the more we rely on critical thinking rather than intuition.

I have also rethought Charisma. As I see it ones Charisma describes an unseen and unexplainable force that draws us to people. Natural leaders are often called charismatic. The conclusion I have made though is that it has to do with some kind of balance in oneself. A nerdy professor in mathemathics is not called charismatic just because he is very intelligent and likewise a beautiful model is not called charismatic because of his or her good looks. You can make example out of every Attribute.
The charisma was before calculated by making an average of all the attributes but that does not take into account if your Intelligence score is much higher than your Strength Score. So, now you first take an avarage of all your attributes and then you subtract the sum of The Highest Attribute minus The Lowest Attribute.

On top of this I have found a way to implement Charisma in the game. It will work passivly and be a tool for the game master to decide how the people and intelligent creatures in the the world of Seventh react to the playing character. So it will work passively. So, if the playing character has a low charisma score, uneven attribute values, the game master would not have people starting talking to the playing character without the playing character taking the initiative.

The Intuition attribute will also work passively and the game master will use the Intuition value as an indicator of how much information that will be relvealed to the player without the player making any Intelligence rolls or the like. So the player cannot make Intuition rolls.

That is it for today

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