February 15, 2010

Faction: Natural Cirularism

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“Everything is a mere reflection of it’s seed” – Anthon Baen

Anthon Baen was something of a wanderer that spent most of his life in nature. There were many questions that bothered him because he could not find a satisfying answer no matter where he looked. But the question that bothered him the most was: “Where do I come from?”.
It was a life of the senses that Anthon lived most of his time but it was the notion of his own thoughts that made him able to form the foundation of this faction.

Anthon had been raised and lived without his mother his whole life and had somehow managed to suppressed the longing he really had for her. When the notion of his own thoughts struck him in an, to him, unusual manner he understood that he needed to pursue what was within him. The suppression of his longing finally reached him. However, it did not take long before he found his mother.

Anthon found his mother in a little hut located on a hill in the Lonely Lands, as they call it, and to his dark surprise his mother was nothing of what he had expected. His mother was a Witch in ragged clothes, skinny to the bones, dirty pale skin and no aspiration to lift a hand. Anthon learned that his mother did not regret leaving him as a child because she explained that she had no choice and in giving birth to him she had done everything she could. Then she explained to Anthon why they were there and he listened carefully.

From there on Anthon and his mother reunited and layed the foundation of the teachings of Natural Circularism.

Natural Circularism states that everything stems from Mother Nature. They say that even life comes from Mother Nature. That life is Mother Natures children, born to feed the cycle. For the cycle is the key and is in the very foundation of Natural Circularism where everything observable is inevitably circular. Plants are born from the earh, absorbing the sun and feeding the hungry. The hungry age and they die. The dead decay and turn into earth. Life is a servant to the nature it is living in, no more no less.

February 4, 2010

Faction: Linga Sharira

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Linga Sharira is the name of a faction in Seventh that believes that life only has one purpose. The purpose for the essence of life, usually referred to as the soul, is to transcend into a divine being. What the purpose for the divine is, is not knowable as it is called Divine Wisdom.

How exactly this philosophy came to be is unknown. This is because the philosophy and the legacy of Linga Sharira can only be found in a book which does not mention any origin, other than Linga Sharira herself, and it does not offer any proof. The book was found a long time ago by a sage named Minos Tempel when he was inheriting a house which had been passed down in many generations. The book was found, according to the tale, in a book case inside the house. It is said that the book had never been seen in that book case before so at first the book of Linga Sharira was seen as a hoax but none the less it was mysterious.

The book eventually ended up in the Lyceum of Spire Top, which had since beginning of time served as housing for different orders of monks. The monks studied the book closely and after centuries the monks became so attached to the book that it no longer was just about interest but that the book represented and embodied their lives. The Lyceum of Spire Top became more and more popular which drew many people around the lands to it. They all wanted to study it of course and much because rumors often travel faster than the truth. Linga Sharira had gotten interpreted in more ways than it had genuine followers and soon the book not only was a way of life but also rules of life. Numerous books were written on which rules should govern everything from safe keeping of the book to how, when and why Linga Sharira should be worshiped.

Still today the book of Linga Sharira is housed in the Lyceum of Spire Top where followers of Linga Sharira are visiting every day of the years. Followers of Linga Sharira hold the belief that any one that is alive must have the purpose of wanting to become Divine. The most common wisdom held is that one should learn and never stop learning up until the point where you transcend into a divine being, then being able to achieve divine wisdom.

Faction: Dice

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Dice is the name for one of the factions in Seventh. They hold the fundamental principle that everything in the universes is random and let their lives be guided by it.

The faction was founded by a man known as Lucky Lance, however, his real name is not known to the history. Lucky Lance is said to have discovered this philosophy while in a deep depression where he had found that life was hopeless, empty and eventually pointless. In the midst of his depression, it is recorded, that he had, in a last attempt to find some meaning, asked himself what he would do if this was his last day. He did not just find one answer but many and they all seemed saticfying to him but with a forbidden flavour. Out of chance and coincidence a dice was lying on his bedroom table one morning and he so asked the dice to decide his fate by setting up the forbidden answers as different options, each side of the dice representing a different answer. In a last attempt to find something that he could hold on to he rolled the dice and from that day on he worshipped the dice and admitted himself as a slave to it.

The opening line in Lycky Lances holy book “Dice” reads as follows: “Only a fool tries to escape the inevitable randomness in the universes. Life is a journy. A journey that you don’t have the previlege to dicide its different destination. In fighting the ineviteble randomness that so quitely sneaks into your life you will only fight a fight that can not be won and like a cage your mind will close in on itself leaving all your questions unanswered and a mind depraved.”

A person from this faction acts unpredictably, does not hold moral principles, as justice, loyalty and honor, and sees life as endless possibilities.

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